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  • Question: What’s different about Grip-Tite tools?

    Grip-Tite Sockets & Wrenches work the same as any other conventional tool when used on normal bolts and nuts, but will also work on extremely rounded or damaged bolts and nuts.  A number of competitors claim that their products will remove rounded bolts; however our advance cam technology is superior.  Most other products may work on bolts up to 35% round whereas Grip-Tite products work on bolts up to 85% round.  (see questions 2 below for more details).

    Additionally, Grip-Tite Sockets & Wrenches hold bolts in place for starting or removal in hard to reach areas (as if they were magnetic, but they are not).  No more magnets, tape, or grease to hold the bolt in the socket! (see question 3 below for more details).

  • Question: How can Grip-Tite™ Sockets/Wrenches remove severely rounded bolts and nuts when conventional tools cannot?

    {#/pub/images/FAQ2.jpg}The secret to the bite is our patented advanced cam technology. Six floating cams lock against the flats of the bolt head when it is inserted into the socket/wrench.  As torque is applied, the cams are driven inward into the sides of the fastener.  The more torque you apply the tighter the cams grip.  This camming action works in both the tighten and loosen directions.

  • Question: How do Grip-Tite™ Socket/Wrenches hold bolts without a magnet?

    {#/pub/images/FAQ3.jpg}Again, the answer is our advanced cam technology.  The cam fingers within the tool are sized slightly smaller than the corresponding size bolt head.  When the bolt head is inserted into the tool, the cams expand over and onto it creating a little bit of friction- just enough to hold the bolt in place!  The farther you insert the bolt head, the more friction is created and stronger the socket will hold the bolt. Use this feature to help install bolts in hard to reach places or remove them without dropping them. 

  • Question: What sizes are available?
  • Question: Where can I find Grip-Tite products?
  • Question: How thoroughly have Grip-Tite™ Hand Tools been tested?

    Grip-Tite Super Hand Tools have been subjected to over 175,000 hours of environmental and durability testing without any degradation in performance.  This testing included torque cycling, exposure to alcohol, oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, UV exposure, and extreme hot and cold temperatures.

    Grip-Tite Super Sockets exceed all ANSI/ASME strength requirements (the industry standard).

  • Question: What is the plastic material inside the tool?

    The material inside is not nylon/plastic- it’s an incredibly durable composite material.  It’s made from same base material that is used to manufacture most fan belts.  So just like a fan belt, heat, cold, and chemicals do not adversely affect its performance.  The material we use is a much higher grade than your fan belt and is 10 times stronger!

    This part of the socket bears no load when in use.  Its only purpose is to physically hold the cam fingers in place and prevent them from falling out. 

  • Question: Do Grip-Tite™ products fit both SAE and Metric sizes?

    Typically, Grip-Tite products are size specific just like conventional sockets or wrenches sets. However, because the advance cam technology does cause the interior socket diameter to shrink slightly, there are a few cross-over sizes that are close enough that they double.

    Sizes that double:

    • 7/16” and 11mm
    • 5/8” and 16mm
    • 3/4" and 19mm
  • Question: Can Grip-Tite products be used with impact (pneumatic) tools?

    No, these tools are intended solely for hand tool use only.

  • Question: What is your warranty policy?

    Better Tools & Fasteners will provide full replacement of any failed Grip-Tite product, for as long as you own it. Grip-Tite liability, expressed or implied, is limited to the stated selling price of its products.

  • Question: How do I submit a Warranty Claim?

    Call us toll-free:  (866) 576-3216

    Send us a message

  • Question: How does the Veloci-Drive Ratchet work?

    The ratchet will function as a normal ratchet when used in the conventional matter.  However, there is a "gearbox" located on top of the ratchet head that give the ratchet 2 distinct features that allow it to drive the nut or bolt at 2X the speed: 

    1:  The Dual-Drive feature will continuously drive the socket as you swing the handle, regardless of which direction.  To initiate this feature, you must hold the dial on top of the ratchet head still.

    2:  The Speed Ratchet feature will drive the nut or bolt at at 2 to 1 ratio.  To use this feature, you must hold the handle still while turning the dial on top of the ratchet back-and-forth quickly.  For every full rotation of the dial the bolt turns twice!