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C-Tech Clutch Based Drive Tools - C-Tech Pearhead Ratchet, 1/2in Drive

C-Tech Pearhead Ratchet, 1/2in Drive

New for 2019

Introducing revlutionary C-Tech Clutch Based Drive Tools.

This C-Tech 1/2in pearhead ratchet is ideal for knuckle-busting applications in tight spaces.  The clutch-based drive system drive the fastener immediately once torque is applied.  This low-profile ratchet features a quick-release mechanism and exceeds ANSI torque specifications. Perfect for everyday automotive applications and works with any existing 1/2in drive tools and accessories.  

  • ZERO Gears
  • ZERO Back-Drive
  • ZERO degree swing arc

MSRP:  $47.99

Availability:  Late 2019

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